Friday, July 22, 2011


Vegetarianism is the topic I would like to talk to you all about today.

I have been vegetarian for eight years, same amount of time I have been pagan. I think a lot of pagans and witches a like are vegetarian. On finishing the writings for my English class it really made me want to blog about it.

I think that the reason for vegetarianism in a Pagan society is because of spiritual reasons, obviously and also I like to think that as Pagans we are of a more open minded sort. Vegetarianism is seen as a cleansing thing for the body, mind, and soul. Which can be very spiritual. It also has been said to make you more magically aware and to open your third eye. So I have heard (Read it somewhere, sometime, in some book). There are also moral and ethical reasons to it. Although let it be said that you do NOT have to become vegetarian to be Pagan. There are plenty of Pagan's out there that eat meat.

I am a vegetarian for all the reasons you could ever think of and more. I love people and animals so much. I just care way too much. It would be like me eating Uncle Sam. Just disgusts me. Animals have emotions, it has been proven that they feel pain, fear, etc. They also have no voice. We are the dominant species ( sad as that is...) and most people feel entitled. How arrogant do you have to be to ignore the fact that they are helpless? That you eat meat because humans have been doing it since we were in homo gautengensis stage(just as in time frame. Its actually said that homo gautengensis probably ate less meat than all other stages of man) and that besides being lazy and not wanting to get your vitamins and nourishment from other things, there's no reason you HAVE to eat meat? I understand its the pecking order and all that but most people will argue that we are supposed to eat meat. SUPPOSED to. Like we are supposed to worship GOD and love JESUS and not play with SATAN? It just gets my cauldron bubblin. But it really makes me sad when I think of the inhumane way they are treated, kept in stuffed cages, whipped, starved sometimes, fed antibiotics so they wont die, not cared for, not given any love or attention, then slaughtered in horrific ways. A high number of slaughterhouses skin and gut the animals while they are still alive and conscious. The standard way is to shock the livestock to knock them unconscious,hung upside down, they sever the jugular and carotid artery so that the animal dies from exsanguination (bled to death). This is the general way they take care of business and is considered humane. If a human died like that it would be a big murder investigation! I just don't see it in the light that most people do I suppose. I just do not see how it is right. And by Gods if I didn't almost faint while looking that sh** up. And also, only 45-50% of the animal is going to become food.

Also, vegetarianism is good for the environment, could help end world hunger, and aid in the health of many people.

I just want everyone to think where their food is coming from. Be thankful if you do eat meat the pain and death your meal had to go through to sustain you. I am not saying eating meat is bad. I am just saying that not eating meat, for me, and many others, is wonderful.

If you are interested in becoming vegetarian I suggest you get a few books on it. Complete Idiots Guide to Being Vegetarian by Frankie Wolfe is a really good starting point. I on the other hand and as a bad example quit meat cold turkey (figuratively) and did not read about it or anything. Nothing bad happened to me but I did not make a smooth or safe transfer over to vegetarianism.

So think for yourself, read some books if interested, and stay safe!

If the broom fits....Fly it!



  1. You rock my socks, I have thought about vegitarianism a few times but I really really love hamburgers. Lol I'm sorry its like meat crack. Thou your post made me think and I think I might just get me a book <3 XOXO - essa

  2. I'm a flexitarian, I do eat meat and fish, but with gratitude and full knowledge of the living animal that died for me. I do try to eat bioligical grown food, meat and veggies alike.
    I think I'll enoy your blog!

    Lisa (Moonshine9)