Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pagan Enough

So I really want to get the ball on this thing going. I have been considering what to write about and I really haven't come up with anything yet. So I am going to do what everyone else does and WING it.

I think first I will talk about my separation and inclusion of the paganverse. I have been pagan since I was 15 years young. It was amazing and fascinating and called to me and spoke to me in ways we all know as mystifying experiences. My pagan walk down the road did not start alone. I started learning and casting circles with my neighbor friend. We would sit and just cast a circle and then sit in it and just talk, forever. We would look at the back yard grass and feel the wind and also RP sometimes (I know, GEEK...RP for anyone that doesn't know is role playing). I also did my first love spell with her. Not for her, not that I am not a lesbian, but all the same. My pagan network escalated in high school with some friends. We did one or two rituals together. It was a group of 4 of us. It was a really awesome experience, but only happened I believe twice. My pagan network after that group went to whomever I knew online. I have since high school not talked to the other three girls except for Facebook. This all now in a roundabout way brings me to the present. I have for all intents and purposes been solitary for the entire time I have been pagan. I did not talk or see pagans on a day to day basis. I have been pretty much on my own with it.

Many a time I have tried to connect with like pagans on message boards, facebook, witchvox, etc. All of the main things. I have even tried to find a coven. But I either was too young or too involved in other things or too far away. So now here I am, throwing myself into the midst of the pagan-verse via online twitter/blog/pod-casts and I. Am. Terrified. I have in the past been in touch with pagans and alike in the past but the past couple of months has just been up in mah face PAGANATION. All over my phone. It's amazing and crazy at the same time.

Now this is my next point. Why am I afraid to be apart of the paganverse? Well this is where Project Pagan Enough would come in. Or just a lot of other peoples fears about being accepted. Look up Project Pagan Enough while you are at it. Fire Lyte is in charge of it and it is a phenomenal project that I find SO inspiring. But it all comes down to, "Am I pagan Enough?". I am scared that I don't know enough about my craft, my leanings, my religion, my spirituality, my all, my being, and that the world as I would like to know it will reject me.

So this blog is about reclaiming myself, my religion, and my cajones! I am ME and I am PAGAN ENOUGH. I hope to bring to the table something someone can read and find entertaining, enlightening, and a learning experience every time.

What I am trying to say is, is that you cannot be afraid. Of anything in life! This life is the only "this" life you will have. So live it, and live it fully. You have to love and BE yourself, because only you have to live with you for the rest of "your" life. This is it folks and this is me.

Take the time to enjoy who you are, where you are in life, what you have, and what you are striving for. Even if you are not fully happy with your life, take a look at the positive or get up off your butt and make a change. This is also a spiritual philosophy I try to follow every day. It helps me stay sane, happy, and beats the nasty out of me!

I think I have ranted enough....So if the broom fits...Until next time!



  1. I've had similar feelings. I haven't been as committed as I would like to my path, it I feel kinda nervous talking to others about it. I've also checked out the Pagan Enough site, really good stuff. It would be nice if more had that sort of attitude. What I can never understand is that some act as if you haven't read a ton of books and haven't suffered to some degree, you're not a witch.

    Or they think that if you aren't serious about it all the time, or if you don't believe in the "heal with the right hand, harm with the left" mentality, you aren't pagan enough. I guess some just need to feel better than others. Or they've become sensitive to those that they view as fluffy joining the community.

    Whatever their issues, they're ridiculous. It's like they've forgotten that there are no set rules that makes one pagan. Everyone has the right to express their spirituality however they choose, no matter how fluffy it may be or not. And it would be nice if that instead of being harsh on those who aren't as well read or experience, they would act as mentors instead.

  2. Thank you for your comment! And that's right! There are no hard and fast rules that make you Pagan.

  3. Awesome stuff, Amadore. I feel very similar about joining the Pagan community. As you know, as I'm incredibly new to it. So far, I've mostly had good experiences, directly - but it's hard to avoid the indirect 'drip drip drip' of anti-Christian sentiment, or occasionally more direct negative comments. And the 'fluffy' thing makes life really scary for new Pagans! So I love the idea of a blog for reclaiming your religion and being yourself :D Nice one.