Saturday, June 2, 2012

Drawing Down The Moon

Alright, so everyone is familiar with the term, "Drawing Down The Moon" right? According to wicca and in some pagan practices, this term is used to refer to bringing down the power of the moon into the self. Or bringing the force of the goddess into you, so you essentially become the Goddess for whatever brief amount of time.
Does anyone else scratch their heads on this? Don't Wiccans believe that the God and Goddess are omnipresent and are existent in all things? So why, then, for the need to draw it into you if its already there?

After much thought I think maybe this is just another way to awaken the inner gods in yourself. I am not saying everyone believes the same way. But as a Wiccan it is said the Gods are apart of you. I don't think enough emphasis is put on feeling that inner God and Goddess, or people have dogma still attached to them from their prior religious experience so they deter away from feeling the connection. 

Either way I think it is a great thing! Interacting with the divine is always nice and should be sought after. It just always puzzled me why it was such a popular practice with Wiccans because of our religious philosophy. Share your thoughts on the subject and your take on it below!

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